Introduction- Page One

Dementia Praecox on Jan. 3, 2007

To explain things-

The man with the orange hair is Donnchadh. He's a bard. He's performing this story in a tavern called ‘The Inn of Three Wolves’ in Tantau, Tarmon. Tarmon is a dimension- of the Six Charted Dimensions in Dimarchai. Tantau is a town in tarmon just above the lowland town of Turas and its sleepy fields.

Donnchadh is never introduced in this comic because he isn't important enough. He's a bard who introduces the tale, and that's it. Also, he wasn't really there, but he's telling the story like he is. He clears that up later by saying ‘But I am a mere bard- I know
not how he felt that night.’

The woman he's standing with is Evos' mother. Evos is the main character. He, Sorina, and Gavin. They will be introduced in that order. Evos' mother's name is Hatecia. His father's name is Tavalor. There's a chance Evos will mention their names and explain, but there's also a chance he won't. Their names aren't important to the plot.

If you could not tell, the baby Donnchadh is being handed is baby Evos. They're in the Tîrynäean Forest, which is also in Tarmon. I do believe I've explained everything. There will be an explaination later as to what an Erlking is, but if you're curious….

21.) Erklings:
 To most of the citizens of Dimarchai, Erlkings are elves that have completely lost all shreds of their sanity. Male Erlkings lure people- mostly women and children- into deadly traps with cool, calming words . Female Erlkings lure people- mostly men and children- into deadly traps, as well . Sly as foxes and deadly as vipers, Erlkings have earned their own special place in Elven history. They've also earned their own bit of privacy- not like the elves want anything to do with them, anyway. They belong to the Losalfaren group, for they are light elves. Erlkings are usually called ‘Eldritch elves’ because they are so unlike other elves.
 There are four Erlking groups:
 The Sashan Erlkings, led by Sasha Disair, have dark brown or black hair, red, blue, or brown eyes, a black or dark brown tail, fangs, and claws.
 The Tavalorn Erlkings are led by Tavalor McCoy, have brown hair, brown eyes, a brown tail, fangs, and claws.
 The Baradrinen Erlkings are led by Hatur Baradri, have red hair, red tails, red or blue eyes, fangs, and claws.
 The Tiresian Erlkings are led by Tiresias Merichale, have blonde hair, blonde tails, green or brown eyes, fangs, and claws.
 All Erlkings have claws, fangs, and tails the same colour as their hair.