Getting Started

Theskunktrainer on Nov. 22, 2009

Welcome to my English 237 Project!

As you can probably tell, this is all still in the works. But that's part of the point- I need people to respond to my narrative as I create it. After I put up the first 5-7 pages, I will then look at how people have responded and make another page or two or something based on that. I am trying to examine both my own family's history as well as the structure of different narrative forms and how they are created/influenced by other people.

So what I need you to do! Is follow the comic, and then respond however you like, either on here, on my facebook if we're friends, or in another blog on my xanga that anyone is able to comment on (no sign up required). What you can respond with:

-Ideas, thoughts

Go crazy, seriously. I look forward to hearing from you. Forward this to anyone you think would be interested. My goal is to have the comic update just 2 or 3 times overall, so check back probably after thanksgiving break for the next several page installment.
Love you! Thank you! ~Mari