2- Feedback Cures All Ails

GGMoonyCrisco on March 17, 2006

And it really does too, if you know any writers/artists/webcomic people. We looooove feedback. I get an expression just like Raiella's whenever I get a new review.


Anyway!! I don't remember if I've mentioned this before, but Byron is Raiella's editor in addition to being her best friend. He came from Japan to study English at the University of Aivelle, and Raiella helped him with his homework so he repays her by editing her story for her.

And you're about to see just how treacherous that can be.

By the way, before somebody asks (they always do), there is nothing more than platonic between Raiella and Byron and never will be. They considered dating at one point, but decided it would be “too weird” (And like Raiella, Byron also has his heart set on somebody else.)

New page coming next week. How do you like the coloring?