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Twilight Faerie on Feb. 8, 2009



Re-reading some of NigellaShade's comments on my comics has re-sparked my curiousity and courage to post on here. This happened a few months ago and Twilight of the Gods and I are working on a new plot…

… WE have the plot, but there's a lack of communication between us. See, we used to go to school together but that was about 3 years ago. ^^;;
And we live a few towns apart…

And she's rarely ever on anymore… x0x

So I'm hoping that this little nudge will help her to remember lil' old me down south of her! *wave* HI!! =3

We have this whole arrangement set up. She'd draw (or both of us if she needed help on something) I'd color and publish on a shared account or something… At least, I think that's how it went…

It's been two months since she's been on last!! x-x


(The search of the artist)

Love you all! =3