This is the Truth...

Twilight Faerie on Feb. 21, 2008

No, I'm not completely gone…

I'm sorry, those few who have read my material. I've been really sick. And I have a proposition for anyone who reads this:

I'm going to make a new comic about a character depicted like myself about what I'm going through. A lot of other teens have this disease, and it's hard to live with. For one, it's painful, and it's VERY stressful at times.

I have to go into surgery if I don't get better in a month, and I will be losing my large Intestine and maybe my colon.

Ever heard of Inflamatory Bowel Disease? Chrons? I was diagnoses with IBD last year, in August. What with all I've been through, I feel like I need to share it and let others new to this disease know that they're not alone. No, this won't be a documentary. Most likely a comedy - drama thing, like most anime. XD

Anyway, I will gladly accept any help that comes my way!
I would LOVE it if someone could help me draw. I'm good, but I can't plan out a comic strip for beans, I know it and you do too! XP Don't deny it.

So, if someone could draw for me, I'll gladly color and write the story.

Granted, I'll hold an interview with you online. Send me a message if you're interested.

Any questions?