Fault (Page 4)

SincereSincerity on March 26, 2009

I can only say one thing about this page- I really, really, really suck at drawing scenery whenever buildings are involved. I didn't score well with either of my art teachers so far on the whole spacial thing, as well as graphing from the horizon line. This, sadly, is what some might say is my best work. T-T I know. Sucks.

Anyway… I'm actually drawing more for this comic than I thought I originally would. If my massive updating continues, I may as well up the amount of days that I post. At least, it's something to think about. Meh.

Moving on… I'm turning twenty in thirty-seven days. ^^ I'll probably do a count down every week. Haha. XD I'll no longer be a teen. Isn't that scary and awesome, all in one?!