Agency Data 1 E-24

Arswyds on Dec. 21, 2009

Hello again Duck.

I must say it's been some time. I had to abandoned The Golem Project almost a year ago, as A-level work got crushingly difficult. The A-level years were the most difficult of my life. Thankfully, I am not in college, an animation student, and enough free time to bring forth another webcomic.

The Gifted is a collaborative effort using both my characters (some recognizable from The Golem Projects, and characters from the great Cooper.

I'm beginning with some details of a few of the characters, as both a teaser to the main plot, and because I like drawing people. :D

This was rather anxious looking girl is one of my creations, and she'll feature prominently in the story at some point? Protagonist? Antagonist? Both at once?

Well all will be revealed soon.