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KimLuster on Feb. 21, 2013

Female violence - a controversial subject.  Some studies seem to indicate that females are as aggressive as males, but that it more often takes a passive-aggressive form (threats, blackmails, emitional hurting…).  Another train of thought is that this is due to females being smaller and weaker, and that if females were as big (or bigger) than males, we'd see a lot more males getting treated for spousal abuse.  Personally, I feel the hormones plays a large part and that male physical violence would be more common despite size differences (ie. it's hardwired).  I feel this is born out by the Hyena species.  Females hyenas are bathed in testosterone prior to birth, and they end up as big as males (with male-like sex organs) and are very aggressive and usually in charge.
In any case, Kimber Lee's atypically violent actions seem to have strayed way outside her comfort zone