Page 77

KimLuster on Feb. 21, 2013

So… for this page I tried a watercolor technique (suggested on some buried forum somewhere) where you use LOTS of water and then have it sort of settle/dry, leaving the paint as a kind of sediment.  Supposed to created interesting looks, but I can't see it, but one thing's for sure - using that much water made it all get away from me.  Obviously such a trick isn't for works requiring lots of control (or for an artist with a somewhat lack of control haha).
Well, at least Kimber Lee isn't going to vivisected (yet!).  And for those who might have gotten interested in this comic but don't feel like reading all the back pages, Jack Caleb (the money behind Synprovision, the company behind the Dream Research Kimber's been a part of) makes a reappearance.  Wonder what he wants to talk about…?
Thanks for reading, everyone :)