Aaronwing on April 12, 2011

As stated above, Story: Me, RedHeero(btw this isn't Aaronwing. I'm uploading my comic on his account again) Art: Emily. This story was an attempt at TokyoPop's rising star contest, back in 2004 when we were freshmen. Yeah, we had no freakin' idea what we were doing. Not only did we not have the right tools, we didn't have a computer which could handle editing, let alone scanning. So everything, art, inking, shading, lettering was done by hand. Then we photocopied it and sent it in. Obviously we never heard anything back, heck I don't know if it reached them, since we sent it in last minute.

Anyways, I learned a lot from making this comic. It was my first go at anything having to do with comic making, this was even before I figured out how to do sprite comics. LOL. With this comic I did learn a lot about comic flow, dialogue, story, and working with another person. But not in time to save this disaster. Ha ha.

So, I've always wanted to one day fix this comic up digitally, but until I get better at editing (Or even get a good program for it in the first place) I'll just upload it as is here.

Though, in the future I do want to do another version of this comic. But it'll have to be all by myself since I lost contact with the artist years ago. (Emily, if you see this, I miss your Chibi's :D )