book 2 page 13

Scorpion451 on Aug. 3, 2011

For those who missed the announcement on the Greening Wars homepage,
On Monday my electric difference engine suffered a catstrophic breakdown. After scrying the arcane runes of the windows recovery console, I discovered that my graphics card had released the mysterious blue smoke that powers all electronics, and thereafter ceased to function; thus forcing me to quest forth in search of a new card of graphicizing all of Tuesday morning. Ultimately successful in said quest (though with a significantly lighter pouch of moneyholding :P) I was able to restore my beloved engine to funtionality by Tuesday afternoon, and thus I was then able to return to work on this page.
And thats why this page was a day late. XD
By the way, I'm re-running an earlier incentive on Top Web Comics that I know not a lot of people got to see: the development art for lanterns, specifically Arc. Trust me, if you haven't seen it you'll want to! And even if you have, I really could still use the votes! Theres a direct link on the homepage( I'll add one here as soon as they get that kind of thing back up and running