Book 3 page 17

Scorpion451 on Nov. 16, 2012

So for those who missed my blog entry , Tuesday's lack of page was due to it being my birthday- I gave myself the day off.
Those who are feeling generous could always use the donate button on the TGW homepage… Remember that I'm basically doing the comic equivalent of playing on the streetcorner here, so any change tossed in the hat is much appreciated. ^_^;
It would be particularly appreciated right now, as I am saving up for a new computer to replace the very outdated one I'm currently using. The el cheapo replacement motherboard I got after my old one fried will only last me so long, and its not that great in the meantime. -_-; Basically, I'm working on a PC held together by ducktape and happy thoughts at the moment. Blech.
Well enough sob-story, boohoo, blah blah blah. XD
See ya'll Tuesday.