The Man Needs His Quiet Time

Giratinasaur on Aug. 5, 2010

Part one - I blather.
Part two - the chapter one cover is on the next page. ;D Think of this as the short two-minute act before most television opening themes.
Part two - For those of you who freaked out upon seeing the word ‘Pokémon’, bear in mind that I am A. trying to limit the Pokémon used - except for the titular Jirachi, of course - to the first generation (Kanto), and B. that your enjoyment of this comic is only barely related to your knowledge of the inner workings of Pokémon.
Seriously, the only thing that's going to be the same are the species themselves, and I'll put up a little explanation on what the species is and a link where you can read more about it.
I know that there's hardly anyone who will continue walking into a comic after they see the word ‘Pokémon’, immediately thinking of bad Pokémon-X ripoffs, and for this reason I'm trying to make it enjoyable for all.
…Well, and that it's a fun challenge. So.

Hoo boy… this was interesting.
Anyway - EEEEEEE. It's finally up. The scheduling - I'm thinking one page a week. On Fridays, probably, just for nostalgia points.