The Inverted Battle #1: Ray's Introduction

JTro on March 22, 2008

Whoopie, I made #1~

yeah… not anything special. I'm saving for a better program, but for now: MS PAINT. T-T
It'll start looking good as soon as 1) I get the program or 2) Spring break ends

—New stuff introduced in this comic—
Ray: The main character. The comic will be from his point of view.
Eralium: The kingdom Ray lives in. It is a very peaceful kingdom that has much prosperity, it's still growing though: thus many forces want to destroy or take over it.
Derilium: Another Planet in the same solar system as the one TIB (and SSBL) take place on.
G-Squad: A task force deployed to defend the kingdom of Eralium by the planet of Derilium. It is only one of the many task forces (code name: “G”, they are caricterized by the alphabet).
Hydra: A bad guy… since Ray knows nothing about him, neither do you ^-^