Yogi Parody

Alex_g on March 29, 2007

A reccuring thing in cartoons is that park rangers always try to make sure no one never, ever feeds the animals. And for some reason, bears in particular. Wich made getting food a very hard struggle for Yogi (as well as Humphery from the Donald Duck cartoons) The park ranger would usally fill the place with signs informing the visitors never to give poor old Yogi any food. If I recall right, there was few “Don't feed the animals” signs, mostly “Don't feed the bears” signs. And since Yogi didn't have any money and was to clumsy to hunt anything, getting food was anything but easy to him. You'd almost suspect the ranger had a grudge against bears.
Here I have even taken it a bit further since one sign indicates that he'd even go as far as gunning down someone to prevent Yogi from getting any food.