Gertrude & Brunhilda 37

KAM on Aug. 17, 2006

Yay! Back to the one-panels for a while. (Maybe now I can build up a buffer?)

You ever get everyone posed for a picture, then as you snap the picture someone makes a face?

I thought this joke up months ago & there were 2 poses that Brunhilda might have. Her “stand there like she's making a sarcastic comment” pose or a “nose-in-the-air, kind of haughty” pose. As I started sketching this I decided to do something completely different.

Part of me is worried that it's kind of out-of-character for her, but the rest of me is saying, “Dayum, she looks good!” ;-)

I didn't realize it, but last Wednesday the Gertrude & Brunhilda strips passed the KAMtoons in number of cartoons.

And before this storyline is over they will probably pass Son of Mr. & Mrs Rockhound to move into second place.

Not bad for a couple of girls who less than a year ago (September 22, 2005) looked destined to become nothing more than dragon chow.