Gertrude & Brunhilda 51

KAM on Sept. 21, 2006

Hard to believe that one year ago Gertrude & Brunhilda made their first appearance!

Just an idle sketch, wasn't even intended to be a cartoon. And after it was done & posted I felt sorry for these poor girls who looked like they were about to become dragon chow. I tried thinking up various ways of having them escape before I gave & decided how they escaped wasn't important, just that they had escaped.

Of course once they became recurring characters they needed names.
I think Brunhilda was fairly easy, with maybe just a Hilda or Hilde as possibles. (In retrospect I should have picked a different name than Brunhilda, but then at that point they weren't ex-valkyries either, so I didn't think there'd be a conflict).
Gertrude was a lot tougher to name. Gerta, Greta, Gretchen amongst others.

A big worry was how would people react to cartoons of two gals getting into dangerous situations over & over? Would I be accused of being a misogynist? Maybe I should make it about two guys named Sven & Ollie? Of course if it had been two guys in that original pic who would have cared if they became dragon chow? I wouldn't have. (Sorry Sven, sorry Ollie, nothing personal, but cute babes in metal bikinis take priority.)

Here's to another year of our lovable miss adventurers. ;-)