Gertrude & Brunhilda 58

KAM on Oct. 8, 2006

If only I had more time to work on this… like a week. Lots o' problems.

Anywayyyyy… in the original script that first panel was a separate strip, but looking at it I decided to combine it with the rest (which didn't have so many &*%#& panels when I wrote it.)

The weapon used was planned almost from the beginning of the story, although how it was used kept changing as I made alterations.

The Herald also changed a lot. Originally he was a tentacle-type monster that was the main demon, then I thought up a funnier ending, so he ended up being a herald. The form he had changed a lot & when I decided to do the magick cameo he split into three.

Ah, man. Hopefully I'll get the next one finished by Wednesday. (Which is my second anniversary on Drunk Duck.)