KAM on Jan. 21, 2007

Guess I'll be cutting back to a weekly schedule for the time being.

Not that I ran out of jokes or anything, but I just couldn't work up the enthusiasm to draw, so that's probably a good time to kick back and recharge. Also there's been other things that I've needed to focus on, so hopefully I'll be able to make some headway on those as well.

Since I couldn't draw I was going through my folders looking to see if I had any unused art that could be adapted to one of my scripts when I remembered this cartoon I did back in 1994.

I was collaborating with a gal on a humorous SF story & I had this idea & sent it to her. The only reason it never appeared here before was that I had it in my writing folders rather than my art folders, so I didn't think about it before.

Added color, changed some text & trimmed a whole bunch of empty space, so it's not completely ‘old stuff’. ;-)

See you next Monday.