The Killer Reaper Cover

EricElric on Dec. 2, 2006

hi everyone, welcome to THE KILLER REAPER. The maker of this is my 12-year-old brother. He is the cutest thing in the world. I drew this cover, because our scanner at home isn't set up. It was all Eric's conception though. He was going to draw it, but he had to go to school, and then I left for college. T_T ERIC I MISS YOU!!

(for some reason I can't send him private quacks, so I'm putting this message here for Eric to read. Everyone else, ignore it.) ERIC: so here's the deal: to put in a new page to your comic, first:
1.)have Dad set up the scanner
2.) email your pages to me beforehand and I'll make sure they're the right size and stuff
3.) I'll send them back to you, and then you should go to this website
4.) click on the tab “My Controls” in the upper right hand corner of the page
5.) click on the link that says “The Killer Reaper”
6.) click on the words “add new page!”
7.) it brings you to a form. Put in a page title, a description/your thoughts/whatever, and then click on the word “browse”
8.) find the file (if you saved it into “my documents” look there, for example) and click “open”
9.)click the box “send”
congratulations! you've just posted a page!