King of the Universe: Page 01

denji on April 5, 2007

Hello there!

About the other comic BOOOOO!!! so where did Bento best friend go?! well it was around, but now I do not use Fine liner pens, and I was told that comic was too fan-girlish (which I guess it was..) so that kind of put me off a bit! I'm sure offense was not intended by that comment :) but yeah, after hearing it I kind of went like, ‘no!! I don’t want to do fan-service comics!!' so… that's all..maybe I will continue it at a later date.

this comic… as if anyone is gonna read this XD; but I have been away re-thinking my style, my art and everything! and I have alot of stories in mind- not all of them are this weeeird… but this is a very short idea, so I KNOW I can finish it…(as, it has already been finished on paper, pretty much.)

…The story is quite simple but I hope the Dialogue will be witty enough to keep interest, and further more the art… I'm scared it will be hard to I hope this works… >_< *hides*

so..Hello! thankyou for veiwing/commenting if you do!! I am so greatful for everyones support!!! ; ; *cry* from this day on, there prolly wont be many comments on the comic..this will more be like a diary! haha! *waves*