#1 Hallucination Dreams

MysteriousJeff on Jan. 9, 2007

The Law of the Land is here. Because I still get comment on PYC wondering when I'll return to spriting that one. I won't. I know the initial reason was for better battle choreography (Did I spell that right?) but since I have decided that PYC is not going tobe a sprite comic anymore.

However, that also means that because that's why I made TLOTL in the first place, I can assure you that TLOTL will stay sprited for it's entire run. (I'll make sure of that as long as I think I can, I guess. I'm no future reading psychic.)

And keep in mind that the story is designed to be different from PYC's story and will incorperate really, really strange humor. (If you take that in the worng context, then you, my friend, have issues.)

Oh yes, and the first panel was the funnest thing I have ever done in a long, long time.

Credit to that guy who made Pookemon (Can't remember the guy's name, and since his comic vanished from the duck, I can't check) for the picture of Brendan and the scary, yet hilarious smile. (I took a screenshot of one of his comics before he (presumably) deleted it.