More treats!

Rosengeist on April 13, 2014

Behold! A new challenger enters the arena! 
The delay on new pages continues a bit longer my lovelies. My apologies, and thank you for your patience. :) 
In the meantime, have some spoiler treats! (And I'm giving them to you right before bed time too, your stomachs will be so upset!)
I can't say a whole lot about this fellow yet, and no, this is not his final design. as you may be able to tell from his expressions and general posture, he's really, really moody, and it makes my inner angst-ridden teen stupidly happy. She can't throw her arms in the air, angst prevents it, but if she could, oh boy would she. Kids got reasons for it, but still, he's pretty far down on the melancholic scale. 
More to come soon guys! ;)