The Millennium House: cover

Metruis on July 10, 2009

Okay, so this is just kind of a speed paint/photomanip quicky. Stock and brushes yoinked from and DeviantArt, and I just sort of quickly did the goggles and fire and a logo. If I keep up with this project, I'll probably edit it. Anyway… uhm…

I'm going to try update weekly, on Saturdays. I don't promise anything because I'm updating another comic three times a week already over at This here is what we call a social experiment of sorts. I've done a few pages of the Millennium House and if I keep at it, I plan to put it on SpiderForest. But I kind of want to see what happens if I put a comic here. ^_^ I'm not too serious about this project, it's just sort of a side experiment off from Between Places. Readers of that comic will recognize Larali and Kalin but the two are seperate stories. :)

Steampunk, rated PG-13 for… well… being PG-13. Violence, language, blood–so I stuck a mature tag on it.