MacPhellimey on July 23, 2011

This may take a loooong time, not because I'm going to try doing the first chapter out of fabric bits… because I am, I'm psychotic… but because I'm LAZY! I'm SO INCREDIBLY LAZY! Well, that and I have a part time job that myself as well as my coworkers call “Purgatory.” And being a cashier makes me the ass end of purgatory.
So I lied a bit for the description of what my comic is about, but that's because they didn't give me multiple things I could choose. I selected “fantasy” mostly because of this first chapter, but it could be sci-fi as well as horror (especially next chapter)… I like taking every genre and smashing them together, much like putting ketchup on your mac and cheese… or apple sauce and peanut butter on your Eggo's. Try it sometime, it's delicious.
So hopefully someone will enjoy this. Don't get too pissed off if I post 5 pages in one day and disappear for a year and a half… since technically I have started this comic before under the name “52Donkey” but I was unsatisfied with the look so it's sadly sitting there abandoned. I'm incredibly anal about making my stuff look perfect which means starting work on a peice, if I force myself to do it, is a terribly un-fun chore that can take me 3 days locked in my room. I don't really have that kind of time.
I may start up a second separate comic of extremely lower quality but also fun in plot if people end up getting reeeally put off by my bad habits.
Alright… now to figure out this new layout stuff…