supermoon10 on Sept. 19, 2011

No promises. I just went digging for the binder I kept the comics in the other day, only to discover a finished page hidden within. I decided it was worth scanning, fixing, and uploading. I've also been noting down dialogue in my calculus notes, but not enough to complete any new pages.

The Doctor faces off with his greatest enemy yet: The Mother. Also, probably not the best song to be singing when you're about to run off with some lady's daughter.

There's hints that http://paulhanley.deviantart.com/ might have a Shalka Doctor project underway. I suppose that's way better than I could ever pull off.

DD's stupid redesign or whatever ticked me off a bit. Had to remake the cast page. But I used newer concept art–uncoloured, sadly. Enjoy it anyhow.

Can't restore my nice layout, though.