Thats The End of That.

monztersmith on March 7, 2010

Hey there monster fans it's ol mister monster here back from one crazy stint with Capt Doorman Porno in county lock up. And do i Have a doo-zzzie for you, This will be the last independent cartoon release of the mister Chicken strip….ohhhhh..“ I know all this wait and he's ending it” But not realy. The chicken will have several guest spots on my new strip launching friday Called Under Review.. “Thanks Spangles” its a one panel strip and will go out once a week. “twice if all goes as planned” and will show case the varied world that is MonsterSmith Studios. ?so why the sudden switch. well between running my Monster Game and wreaking monster Mischief the single pannel will alow me to explore and update more consistantly so you Monster Fans wont have to be in gridlock so long. Thanks for reading and be sure to check in on Under Review starting Friday 3-12-10 See ya there.