Page 1

Kristen Gudsnuk on March 6, 2009

Hi everyone and welcome to my new comic, The Optimist. It'll be a relatively short run– I'm expecting somewhere in the ballpark of 30-40 pages. I'm hoping to DO something with it, someday. But not yet. Right now, it is for your enjoyment– and most of all, your CRITIQUE. Yes, please! I'd like to hear not just, “OMG Kristen you are such a genius, wow, what beautiful drawings and what an ear for the music of dialogue!” no. well… maybe.

Anyway, here's my first page. I'm not sure if it's too internal monologue-heavy, and my computer's broken and so I can't use any fonts that aren't already in my school library's computer. So the font… I'd like your opinion on the font.
Also, I drew with pencil, colored it in and then took a photo of it. Should I ink after I paint? Does it lack firm lines? I can still go back in and fix this guy up. Since this is going to be short, I'm going to try to make it “worth it”– make all the pages right.

Since this is the intro, it has more text than the ensuing pages will.

I painted this with watercolors. Page 2 coming soon, with a cameo appearance by MIKHAIL GORBACHEV HIMSELF!