Cover Page

Kristen Gudsnuk on March 15, 2009

heh! I realized I have no cover image, and so I drew this. meh. Whenever I draw Kazimieras' face too small, it doesn't look very good.
Oh well.
I did this pretty quickly today… I used some acrylic for the highlights, cause I made it too dark at first.
I hung out with my cousins anne, laura and caroline and Laura gave me a bracelet she made out of leather.
In other news, someone left a stuffed animal on the lamp in my bedroom, and the lightbulb burned a hole in its foot.

Well thanks everyone for reading!!!! : D!
In the book I'm reading, the amazing adventures of Kavalier & Clay, one of the main characters goes to LITHUANIA! yaaaay!!! lietuvos. I think that's how you say Lithuania.
I'm Lithuanian by the way.
Also my mother revealed to me that her maiden name, Guasp, is Jewish? wow. lol.

enjoi mon page! ; )
ps: my computer is SO SLOW~~!