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Kristen Gudsnuk on Sept. 14, 2009

Hey guys. Today was one of those weird, unfortunate days. The kind of day where you wake up late, go to work with bad hair, and on the way home your muffler completely breaks (did I mention I drive a jalopy). At least I have the puppies. When I get home they're always SO EXCITED, for seemingly no reason.

One concrete reason why today was terrible: I found out (belatedly) that a high school/elementary school friend of mine, Alex Convertito, was injured critically in a car crash last week. It's really sad, cause he's like the coolest person ever (even though I haven't seen him in a looong time.) He's, like, the one who showed me pokemon! I think he brought it into school in 6th grade- I was amazed by it and quickly went on to become a pokemon master…
Anyway, I really hope he gets better.

Also, weirdly, about Kanye West and Taylor Swift.. my parents were watching Jay Leno, and I saw this weird interview with Kanye… I feel bad for him! There's something not-right with him mentally.

Well, anyway, about this page: guess which panel was drawn with a reference. You're right, panel 1! I could never draw hands that well otherwise. And, I'm pleased with the water-effect– I was worried that it wouldn't look like water. Which it more or less does.
Kazimieras is… not all there.

Agh I am excited for the next page! I'll try to finish it tomorrow, or the next day…

Also, I'll announce the winners of my contest soonish! I need help judging from various third parties- I never realized it would be so freakin' hard to judge. So many excellent entries. Every entry is wonderful! O=O I'm happy that I have such talented readers!!! Oh, anyone who mildly cares and didn't participate, pq me and tell me who you think should get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. (see the entries here.)

OK I'm TIRED so I'm going to bedddd~~!!