Shrum on April 4, 2008

Hey there, gents! My name is Shrum, and this is my lovely little webcomic!

Gimme a minute to explain how this works. Sprite comics are 100% stolen. Yes, it's a harsh reality, but you're going to have to stop running from the obvious and start embracing the fact that you can't draw to save your life.

So, here's the dealie! Since spriters go by their logic of thinking it's okay to steal graphics for their own desires, shouldn't I rightfully be able to steal sprite comics and do to them as I please?

“No”, you say? Well, I'm afraid the theory has already become reality! This webcomic will be crude (AHEM) “parodies” of various sprite comics I've found on this site!

Our first subject is “Tony the Hedgehog”! Ahh, yes, I remember on Halloween some years ago dressing up as Sonic and tearing the neighborhood apart. Tony, however, does this on a daily basis (in his room) (alone) (wearing a diaper)! Here's to you, Tony!

Have a FABULOUS day, Drunk Duck! :)