Prologue: The last time I saw my sister

JillyFoo on Jan. 7, 2006

Prepare yourselves for The Planet Closest to Heaven: version 2.0! I'm rescanning my old works and posting them on Drunk Duck (the white)!
(I kinda need to do that anyway for the print and all.)

And soo I'm only posting the redo pages on drunkduck none of the other comic hosting places because drunkduck kicks so much ass and because it's too much work to repost on the rest of em! Ahhh!

Now for the redo. I'm not redrawing the pages (OMG NOWAY would I do that!) but I am tracing over some bad lines, charcol toneing the first chapters, the scan is going to be in curves black and white point (so it'll look much nicer), and cleaner dialoge lettering.

I have to do this for printing mostly because when I first scanned my pages I didn't keep a large version of the page and I didn't scan em at 300 dpi. Which wasn't smart ,but oh well now at least I can go back and redo em.