The Burquini

pinkbatmax on March 29, 2013

I actually gave myself a mini crash course on Islam before returning to Basanti as a subject. I had to figure her out in context of her culture, and learned a lot in the process. On the subject of ‘modest dress’, I take no position between Basanti and her sister Adeela, because I've learned enough to see both of thier points of view. So the purpoe of this comic is not to editorialize for one or another point of view, only to let you get to know this girl a little better.
Let me tellya…. I could write a whole Mars/Basanti one shot comic or graphic novel. Basanti is my Betty AND my Veronica, and Mars is my Archie. There's a lot of fun to be had there….. but we won't linger long for now.

Some of you have likely heard the shameful story of the Human Rights Campaign demanding that a transgender group lower their trans pride flag. This is the latest disgraceful anti transgender act from a company once helmed by Elizabeth Birch, who said during her tenure “trans inclusion will be a legislative priority over my dead body.”

Here is an cartoon open letter to the HRC from Her Royal Highness:

Please feel free to share this image with anyone you think might be interested in what it has to say.

But if you don't? I'll love ya anyway. ;')