Chapter 3 - pg. 110

Nicotine on April 2, 2013

Well looky, I think I see a rose… :O
So, I have decided to update on Tuesdays.  In a dream world, I'd love to update three times a week or so, but I just do not have the time.  Before my absence, I was getting ready to graduate from college.  Now, I've moved to Taiwan and I am a graduate student, so I'm pretty busy with school work and tutoring English.  Funny how things change over time, right?
@KimLuster & Ozmandious - Thanks!  I'm happy to say that I'm back for good and will do my best to update on time. :D Glad my work caught you eye!
@Gunwallace - Yus, I am!  Yeah, almost 2 years is quite awhile @_@
@usedbooks - Yup and thanks!  It's kind of weird, but even though I haven't worked on this comic in forever everything came back to me and I actually found myself working faster than I used to!
@wildcard - Thank you!  Haha, eventually you will know who it is. :D