Party Transmission

sifueagle on July 8, 2008

**Greetings Kiddies. Party Man here. The Shadow Wings was a cute side story of the Cloud Eagles…but…ah it..just didn't quite do it for me. It was cute and had some potential but didn't live up to the sweet logo. Though personally I'd like to see a Party Man logo, but I digress.

I'm torturing..I mean having a heart to heart with the creator and we're going to come up with something bigger. He mentioned making the Shadow Wings a covert team section of the Cloud Eagles and surprise, surprise I actually like his idea.

Once he stops whimpering from a few bruises he somehow incurred, he'll get right to work on it. Thanks for putting up with this awful story until I appeared on the last page!

Just remember, whatever doesn't kill you will try again. It could be me! But I never miss the first time around! :P

Party Man***