There is no "GAAAAADDDD!"

Vision on May 25, 2008

HAHAHA! Update! I made it and with time left to spare, whoohhoooo!
Btw, the guy in the first panel on the bench is Dan, (the devil guy who threw the pigeon) he looks different huh? hehehe

On other news, i met with several friends of mine earlier and i never thought i'd get sick of eating japanese food haha, yeah it was that much. anyways after playing ps3 i was bitchin about not having one and my pc is getting obsolete and a good friend of mine told me to try Fallout 2 which was in his words
“The Greatest RPG EEEVVAAARR!!!” so i borrowed his copy (it's an old game, 1998!), i've never played it before and it is AWESOME! The graphics is really old but the story and rpg element is awesome! I got a lucky encounter and got all sorts of plasma weapons and my new character is just level 2! My first character sucked but my second one is awesome! hehe i read some character guides and i realized a 10 in charisma and a trait in sex appeal will not get you far.. haha.. So my new character is as perceptive as a fox, as agile as a leopard, and as charismatic as a gecko! hahaha See ya! :)

Peace Out! ^^.

as of 124am of 5/28/08 Pacific time, i have removed my updated 5 times a week notice because i honestly can't update that many times,
Not only has Fallout 2 taken a good 3-4 hours of my day but i also have to juggle that with my gf, Black operations that i can't speak of for money ^^' and sleep. And also, i've been working on another ‘Secret’ comic project ever since i bought a Brand new scanner last week.. Well anyways.. This comic won't die because i think it's funny in a cosmic and ironic sort of way.. :) I just want to work on a project that'd fulfill me more if that makes any sense. It's good to laugh but i want something more. ^^