Leo design by Xatiav

skyangel on Aug. 11, 2011

  This incredibly sophisticated design was done by Xatiav. It's incredibly sexy tasteful and exciting as well as suggesting it is highly expensive, so I was going to save this for a very special occassion, maybe even having a studio wardrobe foot the bill for her!
    Totally impractical as daywear of course, this just has to have been designed with her stage presence in mind i think and wouldn't the audience come back for more if she was singing in this!
   A brilliant design from yet another very talented artist in his own right. the use of colours here are really subtley played against each other to be bold and exciting but without being garish. The risque look worked on here is taken to the max but still keeps within the confines of decency to make this item a lot of fun to wear for a girl with as much confidence in herself as Leo has. This is for a girl who is proud of her body and doesn't mind others admiring her for it.
The absolute highlight of this outfit is the patterned stockings or leggings which are so classy, very original and I could just see those selling like hotcakes in the shops for a long while in different mixes of colour.

Thanks, Xatiav