Chapter 1- The Man in the Pipes

ftepainting on Aug. 8, 2008

I figured that while I'm doing the 666 comic, I might as well actually put some effort in another comic I've been meaning to start. So this one is going to be a lot more detailed, colored, etc. 666 started as a gag, and isn't really a story I saw myself doing professionally. This however, is a story that I did want to complete. So here's the start, and I'll just be updating whenever I find time to finish a page.

And no. Those are not spaceships in the background. This is a fantasy/steampunk comic, not sci-fi. And yes, they are supposed to look EXACTLY the same for a reason.

As for the big, huge watermarks, get used to it. I'm not going to remove them and risk getting my work stolen, thank you very much.

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