The Tinne Book 1 Page 32

slave2moonlight on June 10, 2009

I'm illustrating The Tinne for writer C.H. Morris. It's a 5 book story of a young druid who is sent out on a secret mission and a hero on a quest to retrieve him. Each book involves the characters crossing paths with some figure of history and/or legend. Book One tells the tale of Saint Patrick, while Book 2 will involve King Arthur.

I must say, it's been a learning experience for me, as I've no experience doing comic books or graphic novels, and am more of a comic strip artist or full-on naturalistic illustrator. Plus, I'm doing so much of this on the computer, which is new to me, but hopefully I will improve with each book.

If you'd like to know more about The Tinne or would like to order a copy of the full color Book 1 Chapter 1 or full “Prototype Edition” of Book 1, please checkout our MySpace page: