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King Walrus on Sept. 23, 2007

You're probably wondering what you've stumbled upon. Well, friend, let me tell you.
This is sometimes known as a ‘sprite comic’ however I like to look at it, as more of a ‘sanitizer’. You see, without my feeble attempts at humour, I am quite mad.

So without further ado, I present to you: The Wack Shack!
A comic based around my ring of online friends and their quirky personalities and traits. Without these people, I would definitely be a worse and more-sheltered person. I love these guys to death, so what better to do, than make a webcomic about them?
My good friend Geri is in charge of the text and has given me many ideas, so we must bow down to her!

Erm.. I should mention that the official first strip was.. er.. not up to the standard I'd like, therefore it has been trashed. All you need to know is that Geri and Kim's wedding is approaching and in the first couple of strips they are shopping for wedding stuff.

Okay, that should clear things up. I'm betting that you'll get to know us all quite well over the duration of this comic. So..
Enjoy! =D