5 Prologue

IronWolf on Feb. 26, 2006

Well, I worked my tail off for this one, too. I found a bunch of ref pictures for the first panel. For the curious, this http://www.drunkduck.com/The_Wild_Hunt/gfx/Gorgeous%20Griff.jpg was the ref for Scath in the first panel. That's my malamute, Griffin, pulling in our firewood. Derga was based on a picture of one of the team trotting in harness. Don was a mastiff picture from the internet, and Lugh was a greyhound picture, also via web. Now, about the names - Scath means shadow. Don means brown. Derga means red. Lugh means light or shining. I actually went with colors that suited their personalities, which is why the cream colored Scath is named shadow, and the brindled grey Derga is red.

I'm actually proud of the little highway down there. Fear it!