Team Ssorg

Fenriswulf Books on June 18, 2011

The main cast of a new series of Steampunk/fantasy adventure books:

L to R:
Loxxi, currently modeling last season's special in ladies' bathing wear, as sold by Heaves & Gawkes, Ltd. (tailoring to the masses).
Cpn. Ssorg, riverboat captain, smuggler and possible future messiah
Mr. Pryde, professional card shark and playboy
Mr. Sundancer, gambler, outlaw and general desperado. A real nobody in a world of somebodies
Renzo, professional outlaw and sometime ace pilot
Miss Claudia, security specialist with more dark secrets than most governments
Smiffy, Renzo's mechanic and paranoid hater of red-haired human females…as such, not Claudia's biggest fan
Coldly, ex-carnival performer turned assassin, whose next hit just happens to be Mr Sundancer

You can download the fully-illustrated e-books at the Fenriswulf Books home page. Episodes 1 & 2 now available for less than 1 GBP.

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