Huggles my Elf

kaminari on June 7, 2006

I said I would post Kami in her jellybean shirt next but since I finished this one last night, I thought I should go ahead and post it.
Remember: This series is mostly one image posts and not like full length comics.

This is Kami and Supazu huggling in their normal look.
Kami being all blue, fuzzy, and with big feet inspired by Gargoyles (and not frog legs).

Kami came about in late 1998 when I wanted to draw a character to represent me in the now forgotten V-Chat program. My user name was DemonFire-Kaminari and people would call me Kami for short because I also would host the main room for Microsoft under that shortened name.
A blue demon girl, cute, unique, and with kaminari kanji on her somewhere (thats that red thing on her forehead) to represent the name I was using.

I was also inspired to do this by a person I met in that chat room who called himself Spastic Elf and had an adorable blue elf avatar he made.

This same person is still an inspiration to me and indirectly motivates me to draw.

Kami, even when being a brat or cosplaying, and Supazu often reflect how I feel about him and our closeness.
Much of the stuff that seems random about them is actually part of a joke between us.

I really love him a lot, you know…