Phantom of Egypt

Dreamweaver on March 18, 2010

Those that of you that don't check out my Deviant account should know that this is part of what has been keeping me from spriting my newest creation the Phantom of Egypt series. Tell me what you think the next picture will be posted a few days from now. Here is the profile from the picture on Deviant.

The “Bride” Of Anubis way back in ancient Egypt. Her name was lost to the history books but the legend goes she was the daughter of a Pharaoh but was killed by her brother the last prince of Egypt brother when she was 16 When Anubis came to claim her soul after she was mummified he fell in love with her beauty and revived her so that she could become his wife however before she did Anubis fell from power when the Egyptians stopped believing in him. (the start of the modern age basically when the last Pharaoh lost his power over the people.) Weak and powerless from the lack of faith powering him and no more people to mummify to generate his own power he fled to the after life leaving his bride to be to her own devices. However while her body had been restored it was tainted by Anubus making her skin as dark as his servants the jackals and his lust for treasure and gold. (Treasure and mummifying is what gave him power.) In order to keep her body from drying out and being reclaimed by Anubus she now hunts for treasure and mummifies those that stand in the way of her treasure seeking to feed her cursed body's lust for beautiful and exotic things. Using the same bandages she was buried in which have been enchanted with the remains of Anubus' power her world wide treasure spree has lasted even now into the modern day.
Over the years she has been called as the phantom of Egypt and the real tomb raider by her devoted fans.