The end.

rumpus on Jan. 6, 2010

Hiya, and the news isn't that he's pregnant it is the fact that i am ending the comic. I know this has been obvious lately, but i just wanted to make this official, thanks for all the comments, and now individual thank yous:
salamar, for the advice and html help, couldn't do that without you.
4 bit fps, machine head and mattboy115, thanks for looking at the comic and being positive.
KDog, the art isn't my own, but thanks.
opdisk225, thanks for the support over every single page.
hobbit95, thanks for not taking too much offence when i wrecked your foot, a bit ironic, though.
Tifa Valentine, thank you for all the evil suggestions and jokes. it lightens the mood.
Nick the Hedgehog, pretty much same as opdisk. Thanks.
Webcomics heh, I didn't particularly like where it was going, either.
and finally a complaint: SHAME, you got the comment wrong and i was already doing what you suggested. Please don't critisise when your comic needs the same.
Well, bye and have a good life, i'll see you soon with a new comic.
Also, this is my departure from spriting.