BffSatan on April 27, 2011

“Oh wait, maybe they were just saying hello”
“Oh, quick, wave back.”

Harkovast: I'm surprised that you managed to make sense of the rest of Thor's Thundershack and weren't high.
Tedmund: Woah! Yeah. Wait, what were we talking about. HA! Oh man, I just had the funniest thought about clowns…
ayesinback: Even though I haven't seen the Big Lebowski, I know you just referenced it. That movie is on my “to see soon” list.
AjuJOD: You mean like this? That's a doodle I did in high school, I called him the genie of the moonshine.
Machinehead: Like the time I got real high and woke up with the scent of goose blood in my nostrils and an empty bottle of herpes medicine in my hand. Although I know exactly what I was doing.