BffSatan on May 26, 2011

Also, out of all the applicants, you were the only one who wasn't twitching.

So, apparently Thor's Thundershack (as in the main site) just became semi-popular.

dragonestea: Now no one is going to come here ever. Mission success.
Harkovast: *close call*
dwrean: The real waste of tax dollars starts after the ‘war on hell’ is declared.
Tedmund: A bunch of good season mind you. (Except thee, >:( )
maycroft: Really could have saved some trouble if they just used SOS.
AzuJOD: It's disappointing that they couldn't, or at least they should have flown around in a loop and checked back later.
ayesinback: Yeah 2 updates in a week, and then silence again. LOL WHOOPS!