PowerTrip (The Unusuals)

Crash Platypus on Sept. 8, 2011

Originally, back in late 2002 or early 2003, the first PowerTrip comic featured a crew called the Unusuals.
The strip featured Orbit, the titular hero.
The Worm: a dour, depressed stretchy guy that I created because I was rather nonplussed with the whole “stretchy guy as wacky comic relief” trope.
The original Rev, a spaz whose superspeed is dependent on his coffee intake. The lack of sleep from constant caffeine-fueled vibration is driving him mad.
Rev's older brother, Scarab, a technological whiz who's also kind of a chubby chaser.
Finally, IceQueen, a sarcastic cryokine with self esteem issues. She and Scarab are platonic friends with a degree of sexual tension. Scarab, a baker in his secret identity, brings her goodies to cheer her up when she needs it, which is frequently. They are (were) not going to be lovers, but, Scarab is definitely watching her wasteline with a vested interest.

The comic was to take place here in my town, Bellingham, Washington, which is said to be the 4th most populated with coffeeshops town in the U.S.

As Bellingham was not thick with the supervillains, our heroes spent most of their time sipping joe and bitching about life's little mundane quirks.