Crash Platypus on Nov. 13, 2011

It has been 3 years since the deaths of the original Thrillseekers.
It's been one year since the second team dissolved to betrayal and death.
UberWoman has moved on to do things on her own.
Though she disbanded the team, her cousin, BattleCry and his teammates, Gazelle and Dollhouse refused to give up. The Thrillseekers name carries on.
However, there is one person who doesn't seem to appreciate the legacy.
mysterious stranger with a costume bearing a familiar design and
gravity manipulation powers seems to have taken it upon himself to put
asunder what the Thrillseekers have become and rebuild it himself.
Out of nowhere, he has attacked StarHammer
in Xailenrath City. He has attacked UberWoman in her new home in
Dallas, Texas. He has attacked the various members of the current team
of ThrillSeekers in Liberty City, and in Chicago.
He seems to be recruiting heroes from all over the world, and training them, but to what end?
Who is he? He looks like Orbit. He has Orbit's powers, except to a higher degree. He knows things that only Orbit would know…. but Orbit is DEAD.
Who is REVO?