IronWolf on Aug. 21, 2006

You know, I painted this at the house of Taylor of Krae fame. I also painted the last page there. However, this page brought me to a rather unfortunate realization…

One of my major characters is curled up in the fetal position, whimpering about the chill, with a possibly infected gut wound. The sad part is how hilarious I found this. As Taylor pointed out to me, this is not a good sign. I rather like Jacob's expressions, though this page was rushed, as I promised Taylor I'd update this before she left for Japan and I left for Montana (bloody lower 48, no offense, but there are too many people…) and the magical happy university of studying rocks that were living critters.

I really like stipling Tom's stubble, I had way too much fun with the dialogue on this page. See, the thing about writing for Jacob in the last couple of pages is that he isn't the type to go “I love you, man! I'm sorry you're dying because you tried to help me, even if you didn't do too well at it.” Jacob isn't a warm fuzzy type, even if Tom's his buddy. Besides, he has his scary reputation to keep.

Avar sees right through Jacob's “Rar! I'm scary!”-ness. Speaking of Jacob's scariness, there's been four versions of the sixth panel. The first was the scetch, where I tested a bunch of different lines, such as “savvy?”, “got it?”, “capiche?”, and “Okay?” Taylor got hold of it, and adored one of the responses, so I drew one for her (Jacob looks really scary, rip your throat out in a good way). I also painted one to show everyone. This is fully adult Jacob - tattoos and earring. http://www.drunkduck.com/Thunder_Roarer/gfx/kayheart.jpg

When next I update, I'll be back in university, fighting the evils of mineralogy and physics. Hey! I actually get classes about rocks this semester!

… If you're still reading, would you like to know something pathetic? I tried so hard to not do any backgrounds on this page. I couldn't. Seriously, I'm starting to wonder if I can do a page without a spruce tree and/or mountain that's not on a ship.